Bondassage© Las Vegas – the Beginning

It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas in January of 2011. One of my very first sensual massage clients was back in town and somewhere in our conversation he mentioned Bondassage.

Having been tied up and blindfolded the week before, I was blown away at how I could feel the air coming out of the vents blow across my nipples and how every other sensation also felt electric. So when he said that there were headphone with music, it immediately clicked that this was a no-brainer, I HAD to do this!

It is so hard for me to turn off my mind and I am ALWAYS in control. So to be able to have that escape and let some one else take the reins, was so incredible. And I thought my clients would feel the same way. Like attracts like, right?

At that time, Bondassage was not international and there were very few practitioners in the US. So I applied and was accepted to be the very first Bondassage practitioner in the entire state of Nevada!

So off to Northern California I went to train with Jaeleen, the creator, and Bondassage was introduced in Las Vegas in April of 2011.

Over 5 years and 50 reviews later, I have the pleasure of taking some wonderful men on an ecstatic exploration of the senses.

Now it’s your turn.


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