Imagine being blindfolded. Immediately, senses heighten. Every brush against you feels electric as black leather padded restraints are bound to your wrists and ankles.

Once lightly secured to the bed, headphones pipe music that will help you transcend external stressors.

In a few short minutes, you will start to focus solely on the sensations, you start to sink deeply into your body. All the thoughts that constantly go through your mind will cease.

Exceptional massage techniques, sensual body percussion, slow, luxurious flogging & various soft sensation play, allows you access to your body’s previously untapped mysteries. Various accoutrements, some made of leather, fur, feathers and what feels like liquid metal, will keep you intrigued.

I am a sensual being, not particularly sadistic. My sensual and playful personality compliment these sessions much better. I am a natural born dominant, but what pleases me, is to taunt and tease. That is the essence of the Original Bondassage experience.

I’m an expert at teasing for long periods of time… How much can you take?

$250 – 60 Minutes

$350- 90 Minutes

(This is not a FS offering)

Want an erotic blend of Bondassage AND Tease & Denial? Try my Sensual Fusion experience.

$450 – 90 Minutes

$550 – 2 Hours