Do you offer custom experiences?

Each session has a sequence, or a method to the magic, which is what makes them unique and why I don’t deviate from that. Plus my style is more erotic massage with a hint of kink, which is why traditional Domme or Dom/sub sessions are not offered at all.

You are welcome to visit my other site, YourKinkyMILF with more traditional offerings, like FBSM with a sexy shower or bath, legitimate massage (LMT here) and an incredible, perhaps lengthy, Tantric ending. I also offer fully involved custom dates, where we can use my Diamond status at Caesars properties if you wish, should you choose a date with social and private time.  

What is your preferred method of contact?

Since I am not available 24/7, all communication is done via email only, until the day of the appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed, I will give you an unpublished contact number. It is a burner number with limited minutes/texts, in an app. The notifications are turned off and I do not check it until the day of our appointment.

Do you travel to downtown?

Honestly, I have not been downtown in years, personally or professionally. My availability works best with strip appointments too.

What do you wear?

I need to be comfortable and normally wear a Bondassage tank top and lacey underwear. It doesn’t really matter as you will be blindfolded anyway and by the time it is over, that will be the furthest thing from your mind. 😉

How should I prepare for our session?

Please be squeaky, freshly clean, especially for Tease & Denial. You are welcome to soap up as I am getting set up. Also, please do not be under the influence of any drugs, legal or otherwise. We might have a cocktail together but I have no desire to be around anyone who is drunk or stoned.

Do you work with women or couples?

Sorry, these are one on one sessions, for men only.

Do you offer Incall for Bondassage?

No, these sessions are outcall only, meaning I come to your hotel.

How do you want the donation handled?

Please place the donation discretely in the bathroom. An envelope is not necessary unless that is what makes you feel comfortable. The donation will never be acknowledged or discussed, unless there is a miscalculation.

Do you play safe?

YES, in a couple of aspects. Everything used is either sanitized in bleach, cleaned with sanitizing wipes and/or covered with a condom or finger cot. All safety precautions are non-latex and compatible with oil and water.

Also, I might check in with you if you or your body isn’t reacting at all, just to be sure you’re OK. I also allow for plenty of time afterwards for you to come back to reality so longer session is best if you want it to feel unrushed.