Tease & Denial

Imagine your arms being lightly bound to your bed…. Your eyes shaded by a blindfold… some of your senses are deprived which under the lightest touch of fingertips, makes your body comes alive.

My hands intuitively know just the right touch and pressure, to tease your body and cock to growing swells of pleasure. You’ll feel a stream of warm oil on your cock before my sensual hands take over. Erotic strokes and sensual licks, you’ll hear wet sloppy sounds in between your moans of ecstasy. Wave upon wave of pleasure, then you are denied.

You’ll start to curl your toes, your balls get tighter as they begin to ache for a release.  Your blindfold comes off, so you can see your hard cock slide in and out of my hands and red painted lips. Seeing the heat of lust in your eyes, fuels my fire to bring you even more pleasurable agony.  In between “Oh God!”, you might call me a bitch, or beg me to stop – which is all part for the fun.

But I am not completely sadistic and love feeling wave after wave after wave of orgasm build in your hard cock, until after what seems like an eternity, every ounce of stress explodes from your body. Your spent cock throbs with orgasmic aftershocks and then slowly, your fists and toes uncurl as you return back to earth, completely relaxed. Prostate massage is available too, to take you to yet another level of pleasure.

In this session, I am in complete control. If you are wanting a session where you call the shots, pun not intended, you will be better suited with someone else. Yes, you will be lightly bound and blindfolded for part of the time – there is a method to my magic – it heightens sensations, leading to a UNBELIEVABLE orgasm. Please be squeaky freshly clean for our session.

60 Minutes | $300

90 Minutes | $400

2 Hours* | $500 

*Two hour sessions are only for gents who are well endowed (more so length – 5.5, 6+ inches – than girth but girth is always a good thing too!)

Want an erotic blend of Bondassage AND Tease & Denial? Try my Sensual Fusion experience.

$450 – 90 Minutes

$550 – 2 Hours